These Photos Of Paul And Linda McCartney Will Make You Want To Fall In Love

You’d think that people would have had enough of silly love songs…

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Just four days after she met Paul McCartney for the first time, photographer Linda Eastman showed up at the press launchof the Beatles new album Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

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Two years later, they were married.

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The couple lived together with their many beloved pets on a farm near Campbeltown.

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And when The Beatles broke up, they began making music together.

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They were inseparable.

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They formed a band together, Wings.

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They even loved each other through the questionable hair decisions of the mid-’70s.

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AP Photo. File

They supported one another in their music and photography careers.

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And they kept loving each other…

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David Stevens / Getty Images

…And loving each other…

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Diane Freed / Stringer

And loving each other.

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SGranitz / WireImage

The two remained married for 29 years, until Linda’s death in 1998. Together, they supported each other’s careers in music and, in her case, photography — while raising four children, promoting a vegetarian lifestyle, and advocating for animal rights.

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John Pratt / Getty Images

And it all started right here.

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