Justice John Roberts, Internet Icon

Roberts, appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Chief by George W. Bush, was the deciding voter in the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold ObamaCare. Among many liberals, Roberts immediately became the new face of heroism. Conservatives may see him as a traitor. Thankfully, the internet did us the favor of visualizing Roberts’ new place in the universe:

1. Hope, 2012

2. “Dread Pirate Roberts” (coined by Glenn Beck)

3. Roberts was trolling,

8. Glenn Beck is selling t-shirts

9. ThinkProgress is making inspirational banners

10. And President Obama is celebrating as well

11. This fell out of the Democrats’ Trapper-Keeper

12. Of course, there was a “Star Wars” reference

13. People were pissed,

15. Or righteous

16. But, hey…

17. And then there’s this

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