The 34 Most Inexplicable And Weird Tattoos Of Celebrities


34. Elvis Presley pez dispenser.

ID: 1337728

33. A very blurry Freddie Mercury.

ID: 1337705

32. Britney Spears and her name written in blood or lipstick?

ID: 1337717

31. The Golden Girls on Mount Rushmore (kind of badass actually).

ID: 1337747

30. Tupac Shakur making this face.

ID: 1337671

29. Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter.

ID: 1337755

28. Mark Paul Gosslear as Zack Morris in the Saved By The Bell episode where Zack starts a band called “Zack Attack.”

ID: 1337701

27. A very ginger Conan O’Brien.

ID: 1337704

26. R. Kelly and the lyrics from “Bump N Grind.”

ID: 1337715

25. Zombie Jaleel White / Urkel

ID: 1337722

24. Mike Tyson with Mike Tyson’s own face tattoos.

ID: 1337730

23. Rachel Ray. Just… Rachel Ray.

ID: 1337731

22. O.J. Simpson’s mugshot.

ID: 1337744

21. “Bob Marley” [Jimi Hendrix].

ID: 1337699

20. A tattoo of Maddox Jolie-Pitt. A tattoo of someone else’s child.

ID: 1337734

19. Yep, it’s Celine Dion.

ID: 1337742

18. Zombie Marilyn Monroe.

ID: 1337746

17. Mahatma Gandhi / Groucho Marx mashup.

ID: 1337749

16. Judge Judy can judge him.

ID: 1337750

15. Bill Cosby Crossbones.

ID: 1337758

14. Hulk Hogan hugging an invisible friend.

ID: 1337723

13. Tupac Shakur as a unicorn.

ID: 1337756

12. Leslie Nielsen’s face with butterfly wings.

ID: 1337707

11. Britney Spears post-head-shaving.

ID: 1337737

10. Adam Duritz in his “Sideshow Bob” phase.

ID: 1337732

9. Mariah Carey with angel wings… and… an… owl?

ID: 1337748

8. Amanda Bynes’ eye inside of an illuminati triangle.

ID: 1337763

7. The Dr. Phil buttcheek.

ID: 1337733

6. Betty White popping out of a bloody hole in someone’s back and giving the devil horns.

ID: 1337721

5. Oprah Winfrey lifting weights.

ID: 1337724

4. Hulk Hogan inception.

ID: 1337754

3. Macaulay Culkin sitting in Michael Jackson’s lap.

ID: 1337736

2. Charlie Sheen dressed in a tiger costume and bleeding and “winning.”

ID: 1337676

1. Maury announcing the results of a paternity test.

ID: 1337757

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