19 Depressing One-Star Reviews Of Classic Literature

All the kids that ruined English class are back to haunt you on the internet. :(

1. Paradise Lost: Boring Peotry.

ID: 1403432

2. This sorry excuse for a book, To Kill A Mockingbird.

ID: 1403461

3. That damn Marxist Walt Whitman…

ID: 1403392

4. Big Brother this, Big Brother that.

ID: 1403479

5. Driving this potent critique of Ray Bradbury home.

ID: 1403397

6. The EXTREME EXPERIENCES of Holden Caulfield.

ID: 1403487

7. The Brothers Karamozov: What happens when publishers pay authors by the page.

ID: 1403554

8. RANCID MILK aka Oedipus Rex.

ID: 1403558

9. Not at all like the Disney movie…

ID: 1403399

10. There’s actually a chapter called The Eye and other revelations about Moby Dick

ID: 1403545

11. “Riker is distracting” by the Harvard Classics Library.

ID: 1403401

12. Kurt Vonnegut’s similarity to athlete’s foot.

ID: 1403394

13. Maybe people were less educated in earlier centuries?

ID: 1403404

14. People only say The Sun Also Rises is good because they want to fit in.

ID: 1403408

15. What DOES make a classic book?

ID: 1403537

16. Dracula just has nothing on Twilight.

ID: 1403411

17. That Anne Frank: such a whiner.

ID: 1403511

18. A book should NOT have to be discussed to be understood!!!

ID: 1405490

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