The 65 Cutest Things That Happened On Instagram In 2013

If Instagram was a real physical place to visit, how would you even survive the cuteness levels?!

1. Mr. Norman was born.

ID: 2093047

2. And so was this kitten.

ID: 2093055

3. Two best friends went for a stroll together.

ID: 2093120

4. This chinchilla played a tune for a Hello Kitty tea party.

ID: 2092337

5. Best friends were still forever.

ID: 2094082

6. And they were willing to put up with anything for love.

ID: 2094090

7. That’s what friends are for.

ID: 2095945

8. And it went both ways.

ID: 2095961

9. Aloysius Van Winkle dressed up as Minnie Mouse.

ID: 2057781

10. Chloe got addicted to the new Grand Theft Auto.

ID: 2093600

11. Pino became a sailor!

ID: 2093879

12. Oscar had countless dapper wild adventures.

ID: 2094123

13. These huskies took a family portrait.

ID: 2092914

14. Beta had a birthday.

ID: 2093622

15. Kevin Bacon the pig got a little sister named Gwen.

ID: 2093640

16. Only having three legs didn’t slow Balki down a bit.

ID: 2092579

17. Spooning, every time.

ID: 2092407

18. Dada was always sleepy.

ID: 2093577

19. Biddy traveled to Yellowstone!

ID: 2093646

20. Dogs wore little cowboy hats.

ID: 2093897

21. A cat wore a space helmet.

ID: 2057800

22. This chicken wore a scarf.

ID: 2093528

23. Cats wore bow ties.

ID: 2092573

24. Matching outfits were a thing.

ID: 2093714

25. A pittie needs his glasses (nerd alert!).

ID: 2093546

26. And Tuna looked fly no matter what he wore.

ID: 2093936

27. But Montjiro was the best dressed of them all.

ID: 2094211

28. This look.

ID: 2092426

29. This brand-new puppy sat in a little bowl.

ID: 2092866

30. Every puppy that was born, basically.

ID: 2093721

31. Captain Pancake didn’t know how to feel about Halloween.

ID: 2094149

32. Smoosh was not impressed with your think piece.

ID: 2093497

33. Anytime a bunch of baby bulldogs did anything.

ID: 2095954

34. Ginny was the coolest dog in the world.

ID: 2092789

35. Stumphrey walked around in his monkey onesie.

ID: 2093418

36. Hank embodied rock ‘n’ roll.

ID: 2094276

37. This entire backpack situation occured.

ID: 2092399

38. Hunter the owl worked hard on regrowing his tufts after an accident.

ID: 2092813

39. It snowed! Yay!

ID: 2094135

40. Every moment of Hamilton the Hipster Cat’s life.

ID: 2092545

41. Trotter got patriotic.

ID: 2092987

42. Shishi Maru had his mind blown.

ID: 2094011

43. Darcy the hedgehog sat in a small modern chair.

ID: 2092543

44. This smile.

ID: 2092572

45. These kittens tried to appear intimidating.

ID: 2093067

46. Some dogs just loved to play ball.

ID: 2092604

47. While others preferred taking selfies.

ID: 2092709

48. Roku wore a fish costume and rode around on a Roomba.

ID: 2093704

49. Sam and his eyebrows were perplexed by you.

ID: 2092972

50. Buckley had a tea party.

ID: 2093582

51. Maru Taro had a tiny birthday feast.

ID: 2094040

52. Nap time was always quality time.

ID: 2093741

53. Every time.

ID: 2094057

54. A hamster rode an extremely soft bunny.

ID: 2093750

55. A bunny had a shopping spree.

ID: 2093143

56. Chinchillas are far more frugal.

ID: 2093279

57. And sometimes they don’t buy anything at all.

ID: 2093591

58. Mike made this video about Lil Bub and the entire world wept.

ID: 2092534

59. This kitten had a crisis of self when she glimpsed her reflection.

ID: 2093085

60. But when Yogurt the Pirate Dog confronted her face in the mirror, she only saw pure love.

ID: 2092561

61. Maddie wished us all a Merry Christmas!

ID: 2094023

62. And, in the cutest Instagram moment of 2013, this golden retriever was the most patient babysitter of the entire year.

ID: 2093336

63. And the cutest.

ID: 2093339

64. And every moment with her was the best.

ID: 2093343

65. Life is beautiful.

ID: 2093361

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