Animals March Madness: First Round Results

The votes are in and eight animals have stuck around to see another round of the cutest competition on the face of the planet. Is your bracket busted yet?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Round One Winners!

ID: 993209

Walruses broke seed, squeaking past polar bears in a battle that came down to the wire and ended up being decided by less than 50 points (out of over 7,000!).

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Wombats also broke their #3 seed, defeating the #2 sugar gliders with more than 70% of the vote.

ID: 993304

Battle alpaca vs. raccoon was a tough-fought one that was the second-closest race in the first round of competition. But alpacas took it, mostly thanks to a rush of #TeamAlpaca tweets.

ID: 993305

Elephants were briefly locked in a dead heat with giraffes, but after a few hours of voting they broke free and took the lead, eventually taking about 70% of the voters with them.

ID: 993308

Quokkas proved that their top seeding was not a fluke by bringing in close to 4,000 points and easily defeating cockatiels in the process.

ID: 993313

Finishing off the chameleon, our last non-mammal competitor, was the red panda — who handily won with about three-fourths of the vote going their way.

ID: 993314

Foxes easily beat out their armored competition, the armadillo, with the highest percentage win in the first round (they won 80% of the vote).

ID: 993315

And receiving the most individual points of any animal, otters crushed the adorable but not-adorable-enough lambs with more than 8,000 total points awarded to them — that is, more than the TOTAL number of points awarded in the quokka vs. cockatiel battle.

ID: 993316

And here’s the updated bracket!

ID: 992789

Our tournament will resume with round two later in the week. In the meantime, start campaigning for your favorite remaining competitor now!

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