A Salute To Australia’s Animal Military

We love you, brave war dogs, ship cats, turtle and kangaroo mascots, koala pets, and more. Happy memorial day to all the furry (and feathered) friends who helped out with Australian military efforts.

An American soldier with his pet kangaroo joey, 1942.

ID: 323954

A corporal holds a koala, 1915.

ID: 323963

Two squadron mascots, 1943.

ID: 323929

Man with a member of the donkey team, 1941.

ID: 323932

Staff Sergeant Major Morgan and a dog wearing a cap, 1915

ID: 323934

Ferdi the Pygmy Flying Phalanger and Robert Addison

“Ferdie spent a wild youth, but now is a reformed character. When he reached the larrikin stage, he acquired a taste for beer and could drink a long tablespoon with any squirrel, but at aerobatics, his judgment went to pieces after twenty minutes intermittent drinking, he even fell into a full glass of beer. Since then, not a drop of liquor has passed his lips. As one of the squadron’s mascots, the teetotal possum met with a lot of competition. Among his rivals were fifteen dogs, a cat, another possum and a rooster. FO Addison claims Ferdie’s success was due to his reputation for temperate living.”

ID: 323958

Sergeant Eric Campbell Lawther says goodbye to veteran mine dog, Dean, in Korea. 1956.

ID: 323937

Seaman J. T. Walker with his pup Shrapnel and Seaman Gamble with his cat Salvo.

ID: 323945

Messenger dogs and handler near Villers-Bretonneux, 1918.

ID: 323961

Two tracking Labradors with Thomas Douglas (Tom) Blackhurst L Cpl Norman Leslie (Norm) Cameron. 1967.

ID: 323941

A pet ring tailed possum examines department of information movie camera, 1943.

ID: 323948

The mascot of a cookhouse at the 9th Australian division, 1943.

ID: 323951

Captain Michelson with a turtle named Tim, mascot of the 2/2nd Battalion, 1940.

ID: 323950

Camp mascots of No. 1 Camp, Tatura Internment Group, Whacko the sulphur crested cockatoo, and Cobber the dog, 1943.

ID: 323952

The feline mascot of the light cruiser HMAS Encounter, peering from the muzzle of a 6 inch gun.

ID: 323962

Two soldiers and friend with a pet or mascot koala, Broadmeadows Army camp, 1915.

ID: 323964


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