59 Interesting City Flags, From Best To Worst

Did you know that your city probably has its own flag? Some of them are really pretty, and some of them are hideous! Starting with the best…

1. Donetsk, Ukraine

This one is so lovely. Congratulations, Donetsk!

ID: 490481

2. Tokyo, Japan

ID: 489471

3. Ufa, Russia

Bounding squirrel, I love you!

ID: 489497

4. Trondheim, Norway

ID: 490488

5. Viļaka, Latvia

I will not apologize for my obvious bias towards flags with cute animals.

ID: 490484

6. Chicago, Illinois

ID: 490579

7. Przemyśl, Poland

The best bear-related flag.

ID: 489484

8. Buffalo, New York

ID: 490588

9. Hong Kong, China

ID: 489468

10. Kyoto, Japan

ID: 489472

11. Madrid, Spain

ID: 490495

12. Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Werk it, deer!

ID: 489494

13. Zlín, Czech Republic

ID: 489482

14. Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

ID: 489477

15. Yaroslavl Oblast, Russia

Silly Oblast, bears can’t use weapons!

ID: 489500

16. Třebíč, Czech Republic

ID: 489481

17. Breda, Netherlands

I don’t really know how to explain why I like this flag so much, but it really pleases me.

ID: 490576

18. Perm, Russia

Bear with a book on his back. Bear with a book on his back!

ID: 489496

19. Des Moines, Iowa

ID: 490581

20. São Mateus, Espírito Santo

The “transpaerent” crest is pretty cool and not something you see all the time.

ID: 490614

21. Durham, North Carolina

ID: 490595

22. Ostrava, Czech Republic

ID: 489480

23. Uberlândia, Minas Gerais

ID: 490618

24. Mesa, Arizona

ID: 490696

25. Corpus Christi, Texas

ID: 490594

26. Simferopol, Ukraine

ID: 490482

27. Jonava, Lithuania

ID: 490485

28. Portland, Oregon

ID: 490602

29. Phoenix, Arizona

ID: 490684

30. Moscow, Russia

ID: 489493

31. Irkutsk, Russia

Is that a bloody carcass in its mouth?

ID: 489491

32. Toronto, Ontario

ID: 490694

33. Jacksonville, Florida

I really hate flags with text, but everything else about this is baller.

ID: 490596

34. Belgrade, Serbia

The water is full of bloooooood.

ID: 490491

35. Berlin, Germany

The tongue is kind of freaky.

ID: 490575

36. Oakland, California

ID: 490693

37. Merkinė, Lithuania

ID: 490678

38. Vitebsk, Belarus

ID: 489487

39. Cusco, Peru

Well, someone had to do it.

ID: 489456

40. Metz, France

Ballsy, Metz.

ID: 490510

41. Montreal, Quebec

ID: 490578

42. Tomsk, Russia

The horse could be prettier.

ID: 489498

43. Cape Town, South Africa

So adorably ’90s.

ID: 489458

44. New York City, New York

This is OK, I guess, but it just should be much better.

ID: 490590

45. Nairobi, Kenya


ID: 489466

46. Šiauliai, Lithuania

Get out of my head, eye pyramid!

ID: 490486

47. Esztergom, Hungary

The stripes are too close together and it hurts.

ID: 489483

48. Viña del Mar, Chile

Beach Towel like.

ID: 490625

49. Los Angeles, California

ID: 490600

50. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


ID: 490592

51. Calgary, Alberta

This just looks like a sports logo.

ID: 490577

52. Ibiza, Spain

This just looks like a video game map.

ID: 490496

53. Sofia, Bulgaria

Too much.

ID: 489488

54. Detroit, Michigan

Still too much.

ID: 490583

55. Toledo, Spain

Way too much.

ID: 490501

56. Rome, Italy

If you’re going to do a two color rectangle flag, at least pick really pretty colors.

ID: 490493

57. San Francisco

San Francisco, your flag looks like clip-art.

ID: 490605

58. Milwaukee, Wisconsin


ID: 490584

59. Provo, Utah


ID: 490601

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