43 Fashionable Looks Worn By Snoopy The Cat

On his highly reputable Chinese fashion blog, Snoopy models his androgynous personal style with a variety of outfits mixing high fashion with costume shop props, handmade details, intricate jewelry, and thrifted hats. Inspiring!

1. This is Snoopy.

ID: 820131

2. His refreshing sense of personal style has inspired cats worldwide.

ID: 819661

3. He loves a good hat.

ID: 819398

8. He playfully reverses traditional gender roles with his ardent appreciation of all things shiny and dangly.

ID: 819337

14. And pink accessories!

ID: 819381

18. He also enjoys playing with the traditional wardrobe of other species.

ID: 819370

25. He poses in a variety of scenarios, and his photos sometimes evoke a strong emotional reaction in addition to showing off his threads.

ID: 819357

He infuses his wardrobe with his personality…

ID: 819415

26. wearing things his way.

ID: 819412

27. Here he shows off two ways to wear a bandana…

ID: 819440

both spectac.

ID: 819478

28. He sometimes crafts his own outfits using non-traditional materials.

ID: 819466

29. He is a master of the well-placed accessory.

ID: 819339

30. This gorgeous silky scarf.

ID: 819687

31. Here he is in a gutsy studded halter.

ID: 819496

32. He poses seductively in only socks.

ID: 819499

33. A Valentine’s Day special tie.

ID: 819553

34. Birthday hats have never looked so good.

ID: 819578

35. Although Snoopy does sometimes flash a hot trend,

ID: 820135

36. his real strength is in tweaking what’s hot and making it his own.

ID: 820137

37. You can use many adjectives to describe Snoopy: DASHING

ID: 819561


ID: 819588


ID: 819640


ID: 819647

41. In short, Snoopy is doing more for fashion than most famous designers.

ID: 819691

42. Just by being himself.

ID: 820124

43. Even in the nude, his steez shines bright.

ID: 819690

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