32 Childhood Signs That You Would Always Be Obsessed With Animals

It was all over the moment you laid eyes on your first puppy.

1. When you were a kid, your interests were pretty single-minded.

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2. Your favorite t-shirts all had different animals on them.

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3. It was impossible for you to see a dog without stopping to pet it.

ID: 946490

4. All of your schoolwork looked like this.

ID: 944740

5. And your school supplies…

ID: 945486

Your best folder was Lisa Frank, duh.

ID: 945490

And you kept all those supplies in a sweet backpack.

ID: 945508

6. You made sure your mom knew you wanted to be a cat for Halloween.

ID: 945647

Or maybe a more obscure creature.

ID: 946457

7. Your birthday cake was always animal themed.

ID: 945666

8. Your holiday wish-lists looked like this.

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10. Eventually your parents had to give in.

ID: 946829

11. Once you finally got a pet, you made wish-lists for it too.

ID: 944761

12. You spent your entire allowance trying to get an animal out of one of those claw machines.

ID: 945674

13. Every corner of your bedroom had a stuffed animal hammock.

ID: 944592

…stuffed with animals.

ID: 944618

…who each had a name.

ID: 944646

And you had a favorite that you always held onto.

ID: 946397

Even when you were a little too old.

ID: 946417

14. You had this poster on your wall.

ID: 945476

Or maybe one like this.

ID: 945479

15. You had this calendar.

ID: 946762

16. You collected “fancy” stuff like this…

ID: 944664

As well as a huge collection of Breyer horses…

ID: 944668

…and an entire shelf dedicated to them.

ID: 944671

Oh, and you also had a huge collection of “Calico Critters.”

ID: 944988

Or maybe you went in for “Maple Town.”

ID: 945403

Not to mention a whole bookshelf dedicated to these tiny glass animals.

ID: 944994

17. You tried to start your own business…

ID: 944680

18. And host great special events.

ID: 944729

19. Ranger Rick was the best magazine in the world…

ID: 945022

Tied with Zoobooks.

ID: 945025

20. “Bambi” was your favorite Disney movie…

ID: 945046

Until you saw “The Lion King.”

ID: 946475

21. You only liked movies that made you cry.

ID: 945036

22. These were your favorite books…

ID: 945374

Or these…

ID: 945378

Of course, you were also willing to read the classics…

ID: 945370

23. “Adventure Of The Little Koala” was the best Nickelodeon show.

ID: 945393

24. You’d never get tired of visiting your favorite animal at the zoo…

ID: 945660

You understood them!

ID: 946514

25. Basically, you just loved animals more than you loved anything or anyone else.

ID: 946767

26. You were always trying to teach your pets tricks.

ID: 946565

27. You constantly tried to “rescue” stray dogs.

(Usually they ended up belonging to one of your neighbors)

ID: 945652

Or baby birds.

ID: 945655

28. Your childhood vacations were spent trying to make friends with the local wildlife.

ID: 945646

29. Your summer camp was at the local nature center or zoo.

ID: 945650

30. You dreamed of growing up to be one of three things: A zookeeper…

ID: 946607

An animal behaviorist…

ID: 946608

Or the owner of an animal sanctuary.

ID: 946624

31. Maybe your career took another path.

ID: 946648

32. But you never stopped loving animals.

ID: 946657

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