30 Instagram Kitties With Feelings

Happy Caturday! These heavily filtered cats and kittens are experiencing a rainbow of emotion.

1. The feeling of reading something really dumb on the internet.

ID: 306343

2. The feeling of being too small to take the world on today.

ID: 306273

3. The feeling of wanting to be left alone.

ID: 306272

4. The feeling of being afraid of both commitment and rejection.

ID: 306275

5. The feeling of questioning whether your job is what you really want out of life.

ID: 306278

6. The feeling of waiting for a hug that’s not coming.

ID: 306268

7. The feeling of please don’t remind me that a new day has begun.

ID: 306288

8. The feeling of honey, please stop talking.

ID: 306290

9. The feeling of fresh air.

ID: 306291

10. The feeling of frustration when things don’t work like they’re supposed to.

ID: 306292

11. The feeling of waiting for you to come kiss me already.

ID: 306289

12. The feeling of determination to stick to your new budgeting and to-do apps.

ID: 306296

13. The feeling of “I’m not tired! I’m just yawning! I still want to hang out!”

ID: 306269

14. The feeling of anticipating a big adventure.

ID: 306316

15. The feeling of not being sure how you’re going to pay your gas bill.

ID: 306318

16. The feeling of amazement that the person next to you is the person next to you.

ID: 306297

17. The feeling of fleeting excitement you get out of buying something new.

ID: 306298

18. The feeling of wishing you were in Europe.

ID: 306299

19. The feeling of self-satisfaction because you know deep down that you are truly awesome.

ID: 306303

20. The feeling of remembering who you used to think you were.

ID: 306304

21. The feeling of watching your favorite player get hurt.

ID: 306334

22. The feeling of sending one of your old friends a Facebook message that they never respond to.

ID: 306305

23. The feeling of having a big crush on someone you don’t actually know.

ID: 306306

24. The feeling of losing your keys again.

ID: 306337

25. The feeling of suddenly remembering how you embarrassed yourself the night before.

ID: 306307

26. The feeling of adding up how many hours you’ve spent watching HGTV in your lifetime.

ID: 306308

27. The feeling of waiting for the sky to stop falling.

ID: 306310

28. The feeling of resisting the urge to text your ex-girlfriend.

ID: 306335

29. The feeling of that fleeting second of perfect comfort.

ID: 306336

30. The feeling of happiness at the end of a day full of laughing and food and friends.

ID: 306342

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