30 Instagram Kitties With Feelings

Happy Caturday! These heavily filtered cats and kittens are experiencing a rainbow of emotion.

1. The feeling of reading something really dumb on the internet.

2. The feeling of being too small to take the world on today.

3. The feeling of wanting to be left alone.

4. The feeling of being afraid of both commitment and rejection.

5. The feeling of questioning whether your job is what you really want out of life.

6. The feeling of waiting for a hug that’s not coming.

7. The feeling of please don’t remind me that a new day has begun.

8. The feeling of honey, please stop talking.

9. The feeling of fresh air.

10. The feeling of frustration when things don’t work like they’re supposed to.

11. The feeling of waiting for you to come kiss me already.

12. The feeling of determination to stick to your new budgeting and to-do apps.

13. The feeling of “I’m not tired! I’m just yawning! I still want to hang out!”

14. The feeling of anticipating a big adventure.

15. The feeling of not being sure how you’re going to pay your gas bill.

16. The feeling of amazement that the person next to you is the person next to you.

17. The feeling of fleeting excitement you get out of buying something new.

18. The feeling of wishing you were in Europe.

19. The feeling of self-satisfaction because you know deep down that you are truly awesome.

20. The feeling of remembering who you used to think you were.

21. The feeling of watching your favorite player get hurt.

22. The feeling of sending one of your old friends a Facebook message that they never respond to.

23. The feeling of having a big crush on someone you don’t actually know.

24. The feeling of losing your keys again.

25. The feeling of suddenly remembering how you embarrassed yourself the night before.

26. The feeling of adding up how many hours you’ve spent watching HGTV in your lifetime.

27. The feeling of waiting for the sky to stop falling.

28. The feeling of resisting the urge to text your ex-girlfriend.

29. The feeling of that fleeting second of perfect comfort.

30. The feeling of happiness at the end of a day full of laughing and food and friends.

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