26 Things That You’re Forced To Wear When You’re A Corgi

UGH, corgi parents, am I right?

1. Being a corgi is hard sometimes.

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2. Your parents (who aren’t even your real parents) are always putting crap on you. Like…

ID: 1111295

3. Things that are hard to figure out how to tie.

ID: 1111207

5. Scary dinosaur masks.

ID: 1111259

6. Glasses you don’t even need.

ID: 1111211

7. Sweaters your aunt made you that you have to pretend to like.

ID: 1111214

8. Yellow submarines.

ID: 1111141

10. Pink velour jackets from the ’90s.

ID: 1111171

11. “Autumn” bandanas that don’t match your fur tone.

ID: 1111166

14. Thrift store dresses.

ID: 1111265

16. Little pink dresses.

ID: 1111084

17. Sundaes you can’t even eat.

ID: 1111261

18. Flower headpieces.

ID: 1111218

19. Bumblebee costumes.

ID: 1111193

21. Hoodies when it’s not even cold out.

ID: 1111178

22. Doctor Who costumes.

ID: 1111147

23. Prison stripes… even though you didn’t even do anything wrong!

ID: 1111130

25. Pale imitations of Lady Gaga.

ID: 1111251

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