18 People That Should Run For President

According to Twitter.

1. Justin Bieber

The Associated Press / AP

@iansomerhalder Can you just run for president?

— GayathriNair3 (@Gayathri)

@neiltyson You should run for president so you can restore and expand our space program!

— vdubnick92 (@Nick Larson)

@WillyFerrell do you think you can run for president Mr Ferrell?

— auntymelly (@Melanie Russell)

11. Kendrick Lamar

@kendricklamar can you run for president please? Thanks!

— Lucy_Tweets08 (@Lucy Martinez)

@kathygriffin Why can't you just run for President ? Things would be better.

— MittsInMyOven (@Tyler Jacob)

Yeah. @nickjonas for president. I can't wait till you actually run. #Jonas2040 :) WOOT WOOT

— CheckYesMari (@home skillet)

17. Misha Collins

@mishacollins should run for president AFTER Spn. Look what he did with @therandomactorg ! Can you imagine what he can do for the U.S.?

— EarthAngel999 (@SPN_Angel)

19. Matthew Gray Gubler

@GUBLERNATION Lacey Cole wants you to run for president but you can't because you are a actor.

— Tracyingod (@Tracy Purdon)

21. Lil B The Based God

@LILBTHEBASEDGOD run for president so I can vote for you 😘

— GimmeApenny (@NiChode Richie)

@ladygaga when will you run for president or can you come to the UK and be our next Queen

— Nboc360 (@Nick Bocon)

Steven Colbert run for president so I can vote for you!

— HarleyHymes (@Harley Hymes)

27. Ellen DeGeneres

@TheEllenShow Can you run for president please

— kercue (@Kerry McCue)

@HilaryDuff can you run for president in 2016? I'll vote for you just because I love you.

— will_edwards212 (@Will Edwards)

31. Arnold Schwarzenegger

@Schwarzenegger can the laws be changed so you can run for president? Surely the laws are racist???

— NMoore_ (@N Moore)

@ArianFoster when you retire can you run for president?

— Just_DrewIt91 (@Andrew)

35. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

@TheRock who ever you're going to vote I fully support too. If anything can't u just run for president?

— Jamie_Clifford5 (@Jamie Clifford)

37. Lil Bub



— mochafrapps (@CAITY MILLER ♛)

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