7 Totally Normal And Very Good Paintings Of Female Pop Stars

Gregg W., aside from the extra “G” in his name, is a completely normal engineer, author, and teacher of the subject of physics, according to his Tripod.com page. And like most engineer-teacher-authors, he also dabbles in paintings of his favorite female pop stars, or at least he did in the late ’90s. Below are some examples of some of the best damned art I have ever seen. I’ve also never been to an art museum.


Looking good, Natalie Merchant.


I’m no art critic, but I think this truly captures Tracy Chapman’s true essence.


I don’t want to wait for the next time I get to look at this picture of Paula Cole.


Fiona Apple looks absolutely ravishing here, if not a little puffy.


Apparently, Fiona Apple thought that the above picture of her was the best she’d ever seen, real or painted. What a very nice woman.


Too much sun, Sheryl Crow!


Sure, she’s not a pop star, but have you ever NOT wanted to paint Gillian Anderson? I didn’t think so.

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