10 Apps That Make You Smarter Without Even Trying

App-ly yourself to some higher learning. It’s the future, so make sure to use your phone to knock some of that rust off your brain. If you’re looking to take your smarts and learning to another level, check out all the amazing degrees and courses at Strayer University.

1. If your brain is getting a little flabby, try Lumosity. It schedules mind games for you and acts as a mental personal trainer.

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3. We all know that Words with Friends is fun, but did you know it can actually make you smarter?

Incase. / (CC BY 2.0) / Via Flickr: goincase

4. Stack the Countries and Stack the States will turn geography into game pieces. Sure, the apps are meant for kids, but it can also really help adults who aren’t familiar with the world.

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8. If you’re into historical events, try Today in History. You’ll get caught up on every notable moment from the past. George Washington downloaded it, and look how he turned out!

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9. Sometimes you need an app that can teach you how to do everything in the world. Meet Howcast. It knows how to do everything in the world.

Ryan Hynes / Via BuzzFeed

10. Last but not least, Calling Someone on Your Phone is a great way to learn basic communication skills and improve relationships with your friends and family.

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