9 Reasons Why Winter Is Way Better Than Summer

Summer is alright, but there’s nothing quite like a fresh, sparkling winter snowstorm. Winter rules, but hear the other side then let us know what you think!

1. Tis’ the season for family photos.

__iiriie / Via instagram.com

Go ahead and give your mother what she wants for the holidays, a framed photo of you and your siblings as she will always remember you…a pain in the butt.

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2. It gives you an excuse to be a cat lady.

Glenn Scofield Williams / Via Flickr: glennwilliamspdx

During the summer everyone expects you to go outside— now you can just claim it’s too cold.

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3. The cold is the perfect excuse to cover up that embarrassing tattoo you have on your back…

In retrospect, maybe a dictionary would have been helpful.

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4. It’s beard season!

Betsy Weber / Via Flickr: betsyweber

Women want you, men want to be you. Unless your friends are babyfaces and can’t grow facial hair.

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5. People make super creative things out of snow…

SteFou! / Via Flickr: stephen-oung

Where do they find the time?

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6. The decorations are way better.

Kim Smith / Via Flickr: asimpledarksquid

Get your festivity on!

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7. Not many people will notice if you shower.

Via Aubree Lennon

Just don’t take off all those layers.

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8. Most importantly…

comedy_nose / Via Flickr: 23408922@N07

The best day of your life. Every time.

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9. The food is a reliable source of heat!

Via Stouffer’s®
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But maybe you have a friend who thinks summer is better!

Steven Depolo / Via Flickr: 10506540@N07

Pssht, summer.

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Disagree? Choose your side of the argument now.

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