10 Awesome Examples Of Art Made With Unconventional Materials

You can use much more than paint and a canvas to make beautiful art come to life. Find more original inspiration at ORGNL.TV, Stoli vodka’s editorial, lifestyle channel.

1. Dolan Geiman’s salvaged wood and found object paintings:

ID: 1369080

2. Herb Williams’s crayon sculptures:

ID: 1369303

3. Erika Iris Simmons’s tape and paper collages:

ID: 1369025

4. Charlie Becker’s interactive steel tube and Stolichnaya® Salted Karamel™ Vodka bottle cap sculpture:

ID: 1370186

5. Maseman’s whimsical painted denim patches:

ID: 1369416

6. Steven Rolf Kroeger’s larger-than-life toaster installation:

ID: 1369318

7. Nick DeMarco’s cheeky scratch-off still-lifes:

ID: 1369048

8. Katie Walker’s sci-fi inspired lego stained glass:

ID: 1370838

9. Snejina Latev’s layered graphite and paper sculptures:

ID: 1369066

10. Olek’s full locomotive crochet wrap:

ID: 1370232

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