17 Reasons Being A Mermaid Would Be The Coolest Thing Ever

Seashell bras. Need I say more?

1. You could take naps in the bathtub and not die.

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2. Your hair always looks good in water…

Seriously!? All the product in the world couldn’t make my hair this pretty.

ID: 1545145

…and out.

ID: 1545173

3. You will always have access to fresh sushi.

See? Ryan knows whats up!

ID: 1545215

4. The ocean is the biggest and coolest saltwater tank EVER.

If only a shark could fit in my tank… *Sigh*

ID: 1545254

5. You would live in a sunken ship or underwater castle.

ID: 1545326

6. Brushing you’r hair with a fork is okay.

If only it were that easy.

ID: 1545386

7. This would never be a problem.

Uhgg, I hate it when that happens!

ID: 1545501

8. Seashell bras. ‘Nuff said.

I’ll take one in every color please!

ID: 1545529

9. You would get all the boys attention.

ID: 1545592

Even a few chicks.

ID: 1545633

10. You would be the coolest thing anyone had ever seen.


ID: 1545652

11. Wanna go to Fiji? No problem, just swim!

So much cheaper then a plane ticket.

ID: 1545672

12. You get to swim with sharks.

ID: 1545695

13. Its okay to be a bitch, its kind of expected.

“We were only trying to drown her..”

ID: 1545763

14. You could ride a dolphin to work.

Ha! Who are we kidding? Your a mermaid, you dont need to work!!

ID: 1545799

15. Taking showers in a waterfall.

See ya later water bill!!

ID: 1545814

16. Everyone loves to hear you sing.

ID: 1545864

17. And last, but not least… THIS.

I’m convinced that perfect hair flipping comes with the occupation.

ID: 1545887

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