9 Times Benedict Cumberbatch Had Trouble With His Cuffs

As a fan of Mr. Cumberbatch, I see a LOT of lovely photos of him. One thing I’ve noticed though, apart from how well he fills out a suit and his love of a good stripey sock, is that he seems to have terrible trouble with his shirt cuffs. Have a look.

1. USA Today photoshoot / Via Cumberbatchweb

I’m saying nothing about the hat. Obviously, those damn cuffs are being problematic.

2. Ghent Film Festival photoshoot / Via Cumberbatchweb

Maybe the watch keeps getting caught on the cuffs,

3. Spencer Hart fashion campaign / Via Cumberbatchweb

Okay, I’ll give him this one. He’s in Spencer Hart’s WITH Nick Hart. The cuffs must be perfect.

4. Esquire Photoshoot / Via Cumberbatchweb

I have to admit, it IS a pain in the ass to adjust the cuffs under a coat. Especially with gloves on.

5. Radio Times photoshoot / Via Cumberbatchweb

Hmmm… Classic “check the time” pose, or are those pesky cuffs bunched up again?

6. Hollywood Reporter Portraits / Via Cumberbatchweb

Oh Benedict. You look sad, when you think your cuffs can’t be seen.

7. Flix Magazine / Via Cumberbatchweb

Exhibit A in the case of Cuffs vs. Fuzzy Jumper.

8. Moviestar Magazine / Via Cumberbatchweb

Exhibit B of Cuffs vs. Fuzzy Jumper.

Please, no jokes or puns about the “Fuzzy Jumper, AKA Sherlock.” My heart can’t take it.

9. Little Favour premiere / Via Londonphile

And finally, Benedict arrives at the premiere of his film, “Little Favour” and adjusts his cuffs for the camera.

Please note: This is just a bit of fun. There are more times that Benedict’s cuffs behave properly than there are when they don’t. These just sort of jump out at me when I see new photoshoots and it amuses me. And I would happily volunteer to be his cuff-fixer any time he’d like ;)

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