• Sdkghas

      I enjoy wearing make up. I honestly don’t care how others think I look in it nor do I care what others do with their own faces. Different people have different preferences. If liking make up makes me a sheep, then I guess I’m also one for wearing a dress that I think looks nice on me or wearing my hair in a way I think is flattering to my face. In the end, it all comes down to preference. You don’t have to like make up - you don’t have to wear it nor are you required to think it looks nice on anyone else. I spend my money on make up for the same reason I spend my money on comic books, cross stitching supplies, and good beer - because I like it. I may not like all the same things you choose to spend your time and money on, but that doesn’t mean that you’re a “sheep” or that your hobbies make you look “clownish.” It just means that we don’t share the same interests.

    • Sdkghas

      My parents act the same way if I try to take them out to dinner - especially when they come to visit me. Their response is, “You wouldn’t be going out to dinner if we weren’t here, so why should you have to spend the money?” They also know that a $75-$100 dinner is way more of a burden on me than on them. I’ve learned to not fight. I just smile and say “thank you” and have a good bottle of wine waiting at my apartment for us to share after dinner. One year for his birthday, I did kind of get to “pay back” my dad by getting us tickets to see Elton John. I had a little extra cash so I splurged on some decent seats. He actually got upset when he found out how much the tickets cost. He was grateful, but I had to promise not to get him a birthday present for the next two years.

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