Stephanie Mack: A History

This is only a Harry Potter pun if you’d like it to be.

1. Hello! My name is Stephanie Mack.

ID: 3570500

2. I recently graduated from Florida State University.

Rachel Johnson / Via

Check out my résumé here!

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3. Did I mention Florida State University?

Party on, distant uncles and bored family friends. Party on.

ID: 3570282

4. BuzzFeed is the dream, y’all.

After 2 cups of coffee and a mildly satisfying breakfast burrito, I decided to use BuzzFeed itself to explain why I would be a great fit for the company that changed the way people share information!

ID: 3570912

5. “Work hard, play hard.”

I may be last to leave the office, but I’ll always be first to help plan this month’s themed happy hour.

Alternate Endings:
… I’ll always be first to bring the extra ‘unused meeting pizza’ upstairs for everyone to enjoy.

… I’ll always be first to help make necessary matching sweatbands for the company dodgeball team.

… I’ll always be first to send laser-targeted GIF responses to your ‘TGIF’ email.

ID: 3570524

6. I try my best to liven up the office posting boards:

ID: 3570260

7. While I would never steal someone’s food from the office fridge, I know a greasy miracle when I see one:

ID: 3570240

8. Let’s keep this party going with some background information, shall we?

ID: 3572056

9. I am an avid entertainment nerd, so dressing up for any sort of event or premiere is one of my favorite pastimes.

The likeness is uncanny!

ID: 3570798

10. And then this happened.

We tried.

ID: 3570783

11. And this.

Despite the obvious sign, at least 5 people asked me if I was Seneca Crane from the Hunger Games. At The Avengers premiere.

ID: 3572403

12. Followed swiftly by this.

Take a wild guess.

ID: 3571411

13. And a little of that.

ID: 3570861

I am so, so sorry.

ID: 3570864

15. Additionally, if I encounter anything having to do with The Boy Who Lived, I will immediately take the most cringe-worthy photos mankind has ever seen:

Awkwardly ruining someone’s coffee date!

ID: 3570337

Awkwardly hiding my depression that Diagon Alley wasn’t open yet.

ID: 3570327

Must have left the keys in my other robes… Awkward.

ID: 3570424

18. Okay, so we all agree I have a pretty solid grip on the entertainment industry.

True, true. But that’s what personal websites are for, right?

ID: 3572148

19. So how could I contribute to the already amazing BuzzFeed Team?

ID: 3572293

20. For starters, I know the importance of spotting pure moments of social media failure:

No, YOU have a good weekend, American Airlines!

ID: 3571186

21. And having the good sense to document said failures for future use.

Pure joy, in its lowest-quality Snapchat form.

ID: 3570537

22. Speaking of Arrested Development, here’s video evidence that God does indeed exist:

ID: 3570267

23. And I know that when it comes to taking selfies, great timing is the key to success.

ID: 3570569

24. Last New Year’s Eve, 3 people from high school stopped me at a bar to yell, ‘You have the best cover photos!’

Arielle Calderon / Via

Though 2014 had barely begun, I (sadly) knew those comments had already made my year. (Giving all the props to Arielle Calderon for this gem, though.)

ID: 3571500

25. There’s only one thing that could top it: Becoming a BuzzFeed Fellow!

Too much? Too much. Moving on.

ID: 3572468

26. Though I’ve come a long way since my first Facebook post, it’s moments like these that contributed to the unique voice I have today.

ID: 3570590

28. Nope. Not one.

ID: 3571953

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