Dealing With A Broken Heart, As Told By Cats

Because deep down, no one understands a break up like cats do.

1. At first you feel like you can never go on.

ID: 1055721

2. How did I get here?

ID: 1056010

3. You dwell on the past and sentimental objects.

ID: 1055730

4. And dwell.

ID: 1055837

5. Yup, still dwelling.

ID: 1055845

6. Let’s not even forget about stalking their social media accounts.

ID: 1055891

7. “Who dat?!”

ID: 1056064

8. Until your friends find you.

ID: 1055856

9. Times are tough.

ID: 1055855

10. But they’ll get you out of your funk.

ID: 1055876

11. Even if you didn’t ask for it.

ID: 1055884

12. Like really didn’t ask for it.

ID: 1055947

13. Nope, you wanted none of this.

ID: 1055912

14. After much nurturing…

ID: 1055942

15. you decide to take control.

ID: 1055916

16. There comes a period of enlightenment.

ID: 1055948

17. Self discovery, even.

ID: 1055953

18. (yes, those glasses do look good on you)

ID: 1055957

19. So get out there!

ID: 1055964

20. Yes you!

ID: 1055972

21. Don’t be shy.

ID: 1055994

23. You got this.

ID: 1055989

24. After all, there are plenty more people out there who can appreciate you for who you are.

ID: 1056056

25. Don’t worry, one day it will lead to the real thing.

ID: 1056059

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