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  • B Weezy 11 Years Old Over 16,000 You Tube Views In A Week!

    11 Year Old B Weezy’s You Tube videos are going viral! He has likes in every country! 6th grader B Weezy was on the cover of Newsday last month interviewed by Beth Whitehouse. The article was about the music and videos he is creating with producers Donnie Klang and Matt La Porte whom who has been working with at The Loft Sound Studio in Long Island, NY. Check out @Bweezyraps @theloftsoundstudio @donnieklang on Instagram, You Tube, Twitter, and Facebook. #rapper #youtube #youtubesensation #grayrobinson #donnieklang #bweezy #music #musicnews #mackelmore #cantholdus #harlemshake

    Stef Weiss a year ago 1 response