Top Economic Events In 2013 As Told By Dogs

From the government shutdown to Obamacare to the Icahn/Ackman feud, it was another roller coaster year in the financial world. Here is a recap of some of the top economic and financial events in 2013 as told by dogs.

1. Obama finally announced the Affordable Care Act…

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2. But then no one could sign-up for coverage at!!!

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3. Twitter and Telsa successfully announced their IPOs.

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4. Carl Ichan and Bill Ackman reignited their feud on Herbalife.

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5. Media, Obama and the Fed touted improving job numbers… “Hey we’re at 7.0% unemployment!”

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6. But then people realized the real job numbers weren’t as great as the media hyped them up to be.

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7. Still, stock markets reached all time highs!

ID: 2135554

8. Bernanke said in early 2013 that the Fed would consider tapering QE…

ID: 2135558

9. Psych! Now he’s saying 2014…?

ID: 2135576

10. Obama nominated Yellen as the next Fed Chair.

ID: 2135583

11. Meanwhile in Washington it was gridlock, with the debt ceiling, government shutdown and the sequester.

ID: 2135593

12. And through all of this, Obama campaigns around the US about the “improving economy.”

ID: 2135599

…But is it really?

Sunny doesn’t think so.

ID: 2135609

2014…we’re ready for you!

ID: 2135614

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