14 Reasons Why Siblings Are The Greatest

Siblings share a special bond, one forged over a lifetime of mutual assistance. The separated-at-birth siblings, Chris and Cliff Paul, know a thing or two about assisting. Decide who you’re supporting with #AssistLikeChris or #AssistLikeCliff.

1. They help you overcome obstacles

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2. And make the perfect co-stars

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3. They assist you with annoying chores

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4. And feel bad about their mistakes

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5. They energize you

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6. And keep you company

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7. They cheer you on in victory

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8. Share your sadness in defeat

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9. And sometimes let you go first

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10. They help you look your best

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11. And they’re the only ones who truly understand your parents

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12. They don’t change much over the years

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13. From the moment they first meet

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14. Siblings are there to assist

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