13 Best Things About Getting Your First Apartment

No parents, no rules. Renting your first apartment can be one of the most exciting time in one’s life - don’t believe us? Read ahead and learn helpful rental tips at State Farm Nation.

1. Saying goodbye to the mini fridge once and for all.

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2. And decorating said fridge however your heart desires.

Find out how to DIY your own alphabet fridge magnets here.

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3. Not having to worry about someone interrupting your unique fitness rituals.

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Learn some easy workout moves you can do at home without equipment (and without bothering your cat) here.

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4. Finally getting to make your home decor dreams come true.

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5. And having the opportunity to get as creative as you want with your walls.

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Find out how to make easy flower wall stencils here.

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6. Singing in the shower as loud as you want.

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7. Sleeping in peace, however late you want.

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8. Dancing like nobody’s watching - anytime, any day.

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9. No pants, no problem.

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10. Pizza for breakfast? Go for it!

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Get the recipe here.

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11. Letting the dirty laundry pile up just because you can.

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12. And when it’s time to clean it all up, saving money by making your own soap.

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Get the DIY instructions here.

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13. Watching whatever you want on TV. Goodbye remote control fights!

Check out these DIY instructions on how to turn your smartphone into a universal remote here.

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