20 Reasons Summer Is The Only Season That Matters

Each of the seasons have their positive qualities, but let’s be real, none of them are even halfway as good as summer. As the school year winds down, we look ahead to hanging out with friends, a cold drink in one hand, a camera in the other, and an adventure on our mind. Reward yourself with a Starbucks Frappuccino®.

1. We take alternate modes of transportation

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2. Get frequent flyer status

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3. And discover new bodies of water

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4. The gyms are more affordable

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5. We get buried in something other than work

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6. And don’t mind carrying a heavier load

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7. We stand in the rain on purpose

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8. Our pets wash themselves

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9. The highway means adventure instead of headache

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10. And getting there is half the fun

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11. We bike without going anywhere

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12. This is our television

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13. We encounter alien life forms

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14. And wishes are plentiful

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15. The afternoon weather melts our face

ID: 1131774

16. And the stars explode

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17. Fashion rules are tossed to the curb

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18. Events are more colorful

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19. Live music is a blur

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20. And Frappuccinos® launch us into the amazing chaos

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