15 Celebrity Cancer Survivors Who Will Inspire You

You don’t have to be a superhero, or a superstar to stand up to cancer. Not only did these celebs beat cancer, in most cases, they didn’t let it slow them down one bit! Find out what you can do to help the fight against cancer with Stand Up To Cancer.

1. Cynthia Nixon (Breast Cancer)

ID: 550282

2. Michael C. Hall (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma)

ID: 550299

3. Olivia Newton-John (Breast Cancer)

ID: 550314

4. Michael Douglas (Throat Cancer)

ID: 550324

5. Jaclyn Smith (Breast Cancer)

ID: 550331

6. Fran Drescher (Uterine Cancer)

ID: 550351

7. Christina Applegate (Breast Cancer)

ID: 550465

8. Rod Stewart (Thyroid Cancer)

ID: 550401

9. Sharon Obsourne (Colon Cancer)

ID: 550430

10. Sheryl Crow (Breast Cancer)

ID: 550519

11. Edie Falco (Breast Cancer)

ID: 550545

12. Robert De Niro (Prostate Cancer)

ID: 550453

13. Tom Green (Testicular Cancer)

ID: 550486

14. Kathy Bates (Ovarian Cancer)

ID: 550488

15. Melissa Etheridge (Breast Cancer)

ID: 550504

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