You Weren’t The Only One Confused By Jodie Foster’s Speech

The rambling, and at times, awkward speech by Jodie Foster left many confused about what really happened on stage. posted on

That's a really good explanation, actually. RT @James_Vasiliou:" target="_blank">">@James_Vasiliou: Jodie Foster is doing a Les Miles impression.

I love Jodie Foster, but I wish she’d be proud in the open, instead of making most people just confused with tomorrow’s paper. #LGBT" target="_blank">">#LGBT

No idea what the hell Jodie Foster just did - but it was brilliant. #goldenglobes" target="_blank">">#goldenglobes

Pretty sure Jodie Foster just came out for the assault weapons ban AND filibuster reform. #GoldenGlobes" target="_blank">">#GoldenGlobes

Jodie Foster is filibustering, won't let awards show go on until she gets answers about Benghazi

feed went from adoration of jodie foster, to congratulating jodie foster to wishing her off the stage.

Is it just me, or was that Jodie Foster career retrospective passive-aggressive?

I love Jodie Foster for confusing the heck out of headline writers. No one can decide if she came out or retired or both or neither.

So awkward: every Jodie Foster coming out story has to acknowledge she didn't *really* come out, it just made for a good headline.

Jodie Foster's awkwardness throws into relief just how weird it is that society requires the ritual of a public coming-out.

I'm glad we're all in agreement that Jodie Foster's speech last night was either incoherant or awesomely incoherant.

Jodie Foster's Golden Globe speeach was a brilliant satire of the sad ironies of celebrity existentialism. That, or she was totally baked.

Dear God what did I just watch. Jodie Foster uhmm, I'm really confused, uncomfortable, I like her a lot but all she was missing was a chair.

Did Jodie Foster just quit, come out, and say she relishes privacy all at the same time? #GoldenGlobes." target="_blank">">#GoldenGlobes. I'm confused.

I don't care what all the media pundits are saying, and I really like her, but Jodie Foster sounded a little bit unhinged last night.

Jodie Foster what are you talking about? I'm so confused right now

Im not confused about Jodie Foster’s sexuality, but I am really confused about her coming out?!? #GoldeGlobes" target="_blank">">#GoldeGlobes

Last comment on Jodie Foster: I *fully* reserve the right to deliver bizarre, rambling monologues when I turn 50, too.

I feel like we need to watch that like 15 times to deconstruct. #JODIE!!!" target="_blank">">#JODIE!!!

Missed the Jodie Foster speech, has it made its way to the internet yet?

If you’re like Hayes and missed it, BuzzFeed Entertainment has the full speech.

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