The 4 B’s Of The Super Bowl

The gay essentials: Bey, Bros, Butts and Branding.

If you’re not into the game itself, here are 4 things to watch for on Sunday:

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1) Beyoncé

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We all know that Queen B is headlining the halftime show.

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And let’s be honest, she’s the fiercest thing to ever touch a pigskin.

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Besides, we all saw what Madge did last year…

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…And certainly, it gets better.

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She alone should be enough to get you through the first half.

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2) Bros

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On the Ravens side, there is Brendon Ayanbadejo, a gay rights advocate.

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Who happens to look amazing shirtless.


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Safety Ed Reed brings the swagger.

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Here he is again with teammate Ray Lewis.

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And how could anyone overlook Dennis Pitta?

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More of a 49ers fan? There’s Alex Smith, who has that All-American look.

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And is the epitome of “bro.”

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And even though he’s benched, we can always fantasize about him and Colin Kaepernick.

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Then there’s this god among men, Vernon Davis.

(Pictured on the right with his brother Vontae.)

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Seriously, just look at him.


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If you like your men older, there are the coaches. Jim Harbaugh is easy on the eyes.

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Bonus: He’s the dreamboat from “Saved By The Bell.”

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On other side of the field is his brother, John. (He’s the feisty one.)

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3) Butts

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It’s no secret that NFL players have an interest in jockstraps.

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And great asses to fill them.

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But they can be used against them.

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Some players just skip the underwear altogether.

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And that would be a welcome surprise on game day.

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4) Branding

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The hot guys aren’t limited to the field. And companies aren’t afraid to exploit them.

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Just ignore any offensive stereotypes…

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…And enjoy the eye candy.

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And it wouldn’t be a shock if one of our queens appeared.

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I mean, who doesn’t like watching Betty White rough it up?

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And for those who need a little more, there’s always…

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5) Beards

(Paul Kruger of the Ravens.)

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6) Brews

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7) and a little Broadway

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Finally, if you actually want to learn more about the game…

Check out BuzzFeed Sports for ongoing Super Bowl coverage.

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