Oprah’s Fuzzy Green Slippers

Add them to the list of her favorite things!

1. She was spotted wearing them everywhere…

ID: 661602

2. Outside of GMA

ID: 661582

3. While autographing pictures

ID: 661584

4. On the streets of New York

ID: 661587

5. And while shopping

ID: 661588

6. At Morgan Le Fay

ID: 661589

7. Look at all the f*cks she gives

ID: 661592

8. And here’s a closer look

I saw Oprah wearing flowy pants and fuzzy slippers, so I went out and bought flowy pants and fuzzy slippers.

(The Fuzzy Friends Slippers are available at Aroma Home.)

All images courtesy of PacificCoastNews.

ID: 661585

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