Neil Patrick Harris And David Burtka’s Adorable Super Bowl Weekend

The couple had a bit of fun in New Orleans.

NPH and David arrived in New Orleans on Friday.

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They kicked things off with a Playboy party.

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Where they hung out with bunnies…

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…And filled bags of candy.

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On Saturday, Neil played in the Celebrity Beach Bowl.

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And photobombed Joshua Sasse and Ian Somerhalder’s seflie.

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He also hung out with Snoop Dogg.

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And held his own against Lil’ Wayne.

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David was proud but a bit distracted by his hubby’s pic.

Via Twitter: @Davidburtka

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Finally, it was game day.

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The two placed bets with their children’s lives at stake.

Via Twitter: @Davidburtka

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They managed to have a little fun with Jon Cryer during the blackout.

Via Twitter: @ActuallyNPH

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It looked like things didn’t work out for Harper.

Via Twitter: @Davidburtka

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But it was Jon who got the last laugh.

Via Twitter: @ActuallyNPH

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