"Argo," Anne Hathaway And Lindsay Lohan Honored By Gay Critics

The Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association announced the winners of its Dorian Awards, which recognizes the best in movies, TV shows and not just the LGBT-centric. (And it’s probably the only time Lindsay Lohan is taking home an honor this year.)

1. Film Of The Year: “Argo”

ID: 816842

2. Film Performance Of The Year - Actor: Daniel Day Lewis (“Lincoln”)

ID: 816848

3. Film Performance Of The Year - Actress: Anne Hathaway (“Les Miserables”)

ID: 816854

4. LGBT Film Of The Year: “Keep The Lights On”

ID: 816860

5. Documentary Of The Year: “How to Survive a Plague”

ID: 816864

6. Visually Striking Film Of The Year: “Life Of Pi”

(Honoring a production of stunning beauty, from art direction to cinematography)

ID: 816870

7. Campy Flick Of The Year: “Magic Mike” and “The Paperboy”

ID: 816875

8. Unsung Film Of The Year: “Bernie”

ID: 816880

9. TV Drama Of The Year: “American Horror Story: Asylum” and “Homeland”

ID: 816885

10. TV Comedy Of The Year: “Girls”

ID: 816897

11. TV Performance Of The Year - Actor: Damian Lewis (“Homeland”)

ID: 816900

12. TV Performance Of The Year - Actress: Jessica Lange (“American Horror Story: Asylum”)

ID: 816907

13. TV Musical Performance Of The Year: Jennifer Hudson (Tribute to Whitney Houston, The Grammys)

ID: 816911

14. LGBT TV Show Of The Year: “Modern Family” and “The New Normal”

ID: 816919

15. Campy TV Show Of The Year: “Liz & Dick”

ID: 816924

16. Unsung TV Show Of The Year: “Happy Endings”

ID: 816928

17. TV Or Movie Title Of The Year: “Don’t Trust the B—— in Apt. 23”

ID: 816934

18. We’re Wilde About You (Newcomer Award): Ezra Miller

ID: 816947

19. Wilde Wit Of The Year: Jon Stewart

ID: 816951

20. Wilde Artist Of The Year: Ryan Murphy

ID: 816955

21. Timeless Award: Sir Ian McKellen

ID: 816965

More information about the Gay And Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association and the Dorian Awards here.

ID: 817003

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