A GIF Guide To CelebrityNewsMageddon 2012

So much for a quiet Friday.

1. It started off as a boring Friday

ID: 402149

2. And then someone screamed

ID: 402152

3. Tom and Katie are getting divorced

ID: 402155

4. And then everyone was like

ID: 402172

5. And this

ID: 402173

6. Some people were like this

ID: 402176

7. And then Twitter was like

ID: 402182

8. And then someone said Adele was pregnant

ID: 402192

9. And everyone was like

ID: 402195

10. And then Twitter was like

ID: 402200

11. There were calls for status checks on Lindsay

ID: 402210

12. She was alive (thank god)

ID: 402229

13. Then it was reported that Lauryn Hill turned herself in

ID: 402249

14. And others were still learning about Tomkat

ID: 402256

15. And the rest of us were like

ID: 402252

16. And finally people were like

ID: 402261

17. Then everyone slowly went back to work

ID: 402273

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