6 Stand Out Gay Web Series Of 2012

These shows ran the gamut of emotions from funny to sad and heartfelt to raunchy and are worth an afternoon of marathoning.

6. “Jenifer Lewis and Shangela”

The scripted series plays on both stars’ personas and postions them as a modern day odd couple with plenty of sass to go around. While funny, the show’s appeal is based on your tolerance of Shangela’s “Halleloo’s.” (SFW)

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Watch the entire series here.

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5. “Hunting Season”

Based on the popular blog-turned-book, The Great Cock Hunt, the series follows the sexual exploits of Alex, a columnist by day and a sex fiend by night (or day). It’s raunchy and fun but not one to watch during your lunch break. (NSFW)

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Watch the entire series here.

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4. “Gay’s Anatomy”

A series “that goes deep,” Gay’s Anatomy adopts the mocumentary style of The Office and plays on all the medical (and sexual) innuendos. However, it’s a far cry from its namesake. The second season, which returned in February, brought on a full season of funny. (SFW)

ID: 718875

Watch the entire series here.

ID: 718878

3. “Where The Bears Are”

Part Golden Girls, part Murder She Wrote, this web series mixes in the camp with a murder mystery that’s something of a gay-version of Clue. It’s a furry delight. (Slightly NSFW)

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Watch the entire series here.

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2. “Husbands”

The series produced by Jane Espenson (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Battlestar Galatica) is a funny and heartfelt look at marriage. In its second season, the couple explores cohabitation and life after the wedding bell stop ringing. (SFW)

ID: 717978

Watch the entire series here.

ID: 717984

1. “The Outs”

The series created by Adam Goldman is a solemn look at the dating life of young gay men in Brooklyn. But that’s not to say the series is completely serious. It mixes surprising emotional depth with sharp wit and dark humor. A must watch. (Slightly NSFW)

ID: 717862

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Watch the entire series here.

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