41 People Who Just Need To Stop

You know who you are!

1. People who comment on every preview at the movies

ID: 344734

2. The guy who forces himself into a crowded elevator

ID: 344740

3. Men who carry little dogs

ID: 344717

4. Men who wear Uggs

ID: 345042

5. People who still leave voicemail

ID: 344749

6. People who ask if you’ve seen their Facebook status

ID: 344883

7. People who still forward chain emails

ID: 345069

8. People who laugh at their own jokes

ID: 345151

9. People who humble brag

ID: 345220

10. Tourists who stand in front of the subway entrance

ID: 344996

11. People who drive slow in the left lane

ID: 344971

12. People who stand on the left side of the escalator

ID: 345236

13. People who walk too slow on the sidewalk

ID: 345243

14. People who still have ringback tones

ID: 345285

15. People who still listen to Nickelback

ID: 345302

16. People who sing even though they don’t know the words

ID: 345452

17. People who hum

ID: 345453

18. People who lean in too close while talking

ID: 345258

19. Girls who duck face

ID: 345364

20. Couples who display excessive PDA

ID: 345455

21. Couples who call each other “babe”

ID: 345613

22. Couples who sit on each other’s lap

ID: 345459

23. People who always respond with “I knew that”

ID: 345488

24. People who start every sentence with “actually”

ID: 346299

25. Parents who’ve discovered a new method of parenting

ID: 345515

26. Parents who let their kids dress themselves

ID: 344812

27. Parents who put their kids on a leash

ID: 345541

28. People who don’t pick up after their dog

ID: 345489

29. People who are on their phone while ordering fast food

ID: 345519

30. People who quote Sylvia Plath

ID: 345496

31. People who abuse emoticons

ID: 345520

32. People who “hug it out”

ID: 345525

33. People who overshare

ID: 345537

34. People who make a long story short way after the story went too long

ID: 345599

35. People who talk over you

ID: 345574

36. People who always try to one up you

ID: 346306

37. People who eat entire meals on the subway

ID: 345561

38. People who skip on a group bill

ID: 345585

39. People who make you take off your shoes at a house party

ID: 345531

40. People who are on a cleanse

ID: 345798

41. John Mayer

ID: 344919

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