32 Of TV And Film’s Fantasy Male Couples

AfterElton rounded up the best of the subtextual male “slash” couples (aka slashwinks) for the Ultimate Slash Madness Tournament to find out which pair of men is the most desirable.

1. The Avengers: Steve & Tony

2. The Avengers: Thor & Loki

3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel: Spike & Angel

4. Community: Troy & Abed

5. Doctor Who: The Doctor & Captain Jack

6. Due South: Ray Kowalski & Benton Fraser

7. Firefly: Simon & Mal

8. Grimm: Monroe & Grimm

9. Harry Potter: Draco & Harry (Drarry)

10. Hawaii Five-O: Steve & Danno (McDanno)

11. House: Wilson & House

12. Inception: Eames & Arthur

13. Lord of the Rings: Aragorn & Legolas

14. Lord of the Rings: Frodo & Sam

15. Merlin: Merlin & Arthur (Merthur)

17. Psych: Shawn & Gus

18. Sherlock: Sherlock & Watson (Johnlock)

19. Smallville: Clark & Lex (Clex)

20. Star Trek: Kirk & Spock

21. Star Trek: Kirk & Spock

22. Stargate Atlantis: Sheppard & McKay (McShep)

23. Stargate SG1: Jack & Daniel

24. Suits: Mike & Harvey (Marvey)

25. Supernatural: Dean & Castiel

26. Supernatural: Sam & Dean

27. Teen Wolf: Stiles & Derek (Sterek)

28. Twilight: Jacob & Edward (Jakeward)

29. True Blood: Bill & Eric

30. The Vampire Diaries: Damon & Alaric

31. White Collar: Peter & Neal

32. X-Men: First Class: Erik & Charles (Cherik)

Be sure to vote for your favorite couple.

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