25 Ways Anderson Cooper Kicked Ass This Year

From Twitter to his talk show, Cooper was a tour de force.

The journalist basically owned Twitter and those who tried to take swipes at him:

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And Coop didn’t hesitate to take down bigoted personalities:

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10. When Karl Lagerfeld deemed Adele “too fat,” Anderson dedicated a whole “Ridiculist” to slamming the designer.

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11. He threw shade at Star Jones after she claimed he came out to boost ratings.

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12. After Michele Bachmann called for an investigation of the State Department, Coop swiftly criticized her for a lack of evidence.

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13. Anderson didn’t care for Teresa Guidice’s weak defense for her constant fighting.

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14. When Amanda Bynes tweeted at Barack Obama, Anderson created a new segment for her on “360.”

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15. Coop didn’t have any sympathy for Lindsay Lohan after she took to Twitter to whine about Bynes.

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16. And after he hit his breaking point, Anderson cut short an interview with the “human Barbie doll.”


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When “Anderson” was canceled, the host finally loosened up and had fun on the show:

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17. Kathy Lee put it in his crack.

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18. When Paul Rudd told Anderson he just got “tickled by a pickle,” the host claimed to have done the same thing.


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19. He and Andy Cohen enjoyed a “Lady and the Tramp” moment.

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And then there were several moments when Anderson looked like a total badass:

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20. He brought the gun show to a basketball game.

Bryan Bedder / Getty Images
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21. He sported an eye patch after being temporarily blinded.

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22. And he kept on reporting during a huge explosion in the Gaza City.

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23. He looked like James Bond during a segment of “60 Minutes.”

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24. And showed his smarts when he won $50,000 for The Trevor Project during an episode of “Jeopardy.”

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Not to mention, his biggest move yet:

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25. In an email to Andrew Sullivan, Anderson helped break the glass ceiling.

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