20 Ways To Guarantee A Great Year

Why leave it to chance? Say hello to 2013 with these traditions and superstitions.

So it’s New Year’s Eve and you had a crappy year.

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Well wipe those tears cause your luck is about to change.

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If you practice any of these 20 superstitions.

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New Year’s Eve

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1. Leave a window open all day to let out of the house all the problems that gathered from the previous year.

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2. Pay your bills to wash away the chance of debt.

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3. Drain the dregs. Good fortune comes to those who finish the bottle.

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4. Just don’t break anything because that’s bad luck.

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5. Hold cash in your hand at midnight to ensure prosperity and wealth (or to make it rain).

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6. Kiss a loved one at midnight to ensure you two will be together.

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7. Bang pots and pans at midnight to keep the evil spirits away.

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New Year’s Day

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8. The first person to enter your home determines the year you have. Only dark-haired, handsome guests should be allowed in.

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9. Do not let in gingers or women. They are said to be signs of trouble.

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10. Give birth. Babies born on Jan. 1 are said to be the luckiest.

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11. Eat black-eyed peas for good luck.

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12. Also eat cabbage, which is said to look like money, to bring good fortune.

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13. Do the tiniest bit of work to ensure advancement in career but not so much that you bring bad luck.

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14. Don’t do laundry unless you want to bring death upon your family.

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15. Wear pink panties for love, yellow ones for prosperity or whitey tighties for peace.

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16. Walk around in new clothes to increase the chance of getting even more new duds in 2013.

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17. Dance, preferably around a tree, to ensure freedom from illness for the year.

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18. Read the wind.

Northern winds: unpleasant weather.
Southern winds: prosperity and luck.
Eastern winds: tragedy and loss.
Western winds: plentiful bounty AND the passing of a cherished individual.

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19. Single women should look out the window until they spot a man to ensure she’ll get married.

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20. Finally: avoid crying at all costs unless you want to be sad all year.

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