16 Pics From Backstage Of An Off-Broadway Musical

Anthony Festa, a cast member of Bare: The Musical, photographs the scene backstage.

1. The stage ahead of the show.

ID: 817470

2. The view from the audience.

ID: 817491

3. Anthony Festa (Swing) and Alex Wyse (Alan) test the limits of the noise policy.

ID: 817493

4. The call board.

ID: 828988

5. Anthony’s dressing room.

ID: 829002

6. Missi Pyle (Sister Joan) does her makeup.

ID: 817488

7. Jerold E. Solomon (Father Mike) reads in the dressing room.

ID: 817481

8. Justin Gregory Lopez (Beto) snacks on coffee and pizza.

ID: 817486

9. The show’s fully-stocked medicine cabinet.

ID: 817457

10. Taylor Trensch (Peter) and Elizabeth Judd (Ivy) stretch before the show.

ID: 828998

11. Jason Hite (Jason) and Gerard Canonico (Matt) rehearse a fight scene.

ID: 817477

12. Barrett Wilbert Weed (Nadia) plays coy backstage.

ID: 817451

13. Casey Garvin (Zack) sneaking in a selfie.

ID: 817456

14. Elizabeth Judd (Ivy) photographed before going on stage.

ID: 817460

15. Casey (Zack), Justin (Beto) and Michael Tacconi (Nick) snap a pic before heading on stage.

ID: 817490

16. Anthony and Casey Garvin (Zack) off stage just before the finale.

ID: 817455

Bare is a rock musical that follows a group of teens wrestling with issues of identity, sexuality, and religion at a co-ed Catholic boarding school.

ID: 829062

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