10 Drag Queens Photographed With Their Better Halves

Photographer Rick Odell snapped portraits for a series called “My Better Half” to look at gender identity as a performance. These performers are seen as themselves and as their drag personas.

1. Vivienne and Michael

ID: 726945

2. Victoria and Danny

ID: 726957

3. Teena and Brian

ID: 726947

4. Sherry and Keith

ID: 726948

5. Madison and John

ID: 726949

6. Kitten and Cadwell

ID: 726950

7. Jazmine and Billy

ID: 726951

8. Epiphany and Calen

ID: 726952

9. Carrie and Brett, Candi and Dan

ID: 726954

10. Candy and Will

ID: 726956

All images by Rick Odell. More photos from this series can be found here. Rick’s other work can be seen here.

ID: 726979

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