31 Creepy Items Every Horror Fan Should Own

Start creepin’ out your non-horror fan friends with these magnificent products.

1. Funko POP Vinyl Horror Figures.

Funko POP Vinyl / Via actionfigurefury.com

See more figures here.

ID: 3699862

2. This Nightmare on Elm Street toaster.

New Line Cinema / Via thatsnerdalicious.com

Order this badass toaster here.

ID: 3703330

3. This 20th anniversary Halloween snow globe.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via dudeiwantthat.com

Unfortunately, it’s currently unavailable on Amazon. You might have more luck with Ebay.

ID: 3703362

4. This Texas Chainsaw Massacre ornament.

Bryanston Pictures / Via etsy.com

Nothing says ‘tis the season like a head on your Christmas tree. Get it here.

ID: 3703383

5. This Silence of the Lambs embroidery.

Orion Pictures / Via etsy.com

Add a classy touch to your home here.

ID: 3703422

6. This Scream ice cream bowl.

Dimension Films / Via etsy.com

So punny, it hurts. Get it here.

ID: 3703444

7. These bookends inspired by The Shining.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via etsy.com

Make your home library stand out here.

ID: 3703495

8. This Saw bobblehead.

Lions Gate / Via horrorwarehouse.com

Get it from Toys “R” Us, since Saw is such a children’s movie.

ID: 3703582

9. This adorable Alien plushie.

20th Century Fox / Via amazon.com

Sure, it’s cute until it bursts from your chest and spills blood on your crewmates. Get it here.

ID: 3703617

10. This Dracula book purse.

Bram Stoker / Via etsy.com

Embrace your inner bibliophile here.

ID: 3703638

11. This Frankenstein pillow.

Universal Pictures / Via spitfireinteriors.com

Relax with finesse here.

ID: 3703673

12. This Bride of Frankenstein cookie jar.

Universal Pictures / Via spitfireinteriors.com

Hey kids, eat some cookies outta this undead chick’s head. Order it here.

ID: 3703686

13. These Nosferatu curtains.

Film Arts Guild / Via cafepress.com

These’ll definitely get your date to come back to your apartment. Get ‘em here.

ID: 3703729

14. This Jaws bottle opener.

Universal Pictures / Via amazon.com

Start opening your booze the right way. Get it here.

ID: 3703747

15. This smooth gangster Wolf Man picture.

Universal Pictures / Via etsy.com

Thought your home was missing something? Found it.

ID: 3703755

16. This The Exorcist crochet doll set.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via etsy.com

That’s pretty damn detailed. Get it here.

ID: 3703767

17. This tannis root pendant from Rosemary’s Baby.

Paramount Pictures / Via etsy.com

Goes with any outfit. Buy it here.

ID: 3703788

18. This The Birds Barbie doll.

Universal Pictures / Via barbiecollector.com

What do little girls and killer birds have in common? A love of Barbie, of course! Unfortunately, Mattel no longer sells this awesome item. Try ebay.

ID: 3703802

19. This Trick ‘r Treat 3D pop art.

Warner Premiere / Via etsy.com

Purchase this artwork here.

ID: 3703809

20. This Evil Dead wallet.

New Line Cinema / Via etsy.com

Hail to the king, baby. Flash your singles here.

ID: 3703846

21. This Pennywise the Clown giant inflatable.

Lorimar Productions / Via amazon.com

Guaranteed never to be invited to that block party again. Buy it here.

ID: 3703880

22. These Phantom of the Opera shoes.

Gaston Leroux / Via mypaintedshoes.com

Kick it in gear here.

ID: 3703893

23. This Child’s Play lunchbox.

United Artists / Via etsy.com

Send your kids to school with this baby. They’ll definitely make friends.

ID: 3703896

24. This Creature from the Black Lagoon soap

Universal Pictures / Via etsy.com

Clean up your act here.

ID: 3703917

25. This Sleepaway Camp beanie.

United Film Distribution Company / Via etsy.com

Keep your head warm here.

ID: 3703939

26. American Psycho bloody mug.

Lions Gate / Via etsy.com

Start your morning with a bang here.

ID: 3704024

27. This House on Haunted Hill light switch plate.

Allied Artists / Via etsy.com

Don’t worry, Vincent Price will protect you from the dark. Buy it here.

ID: 3704049

28. This classic horror collage box.

Order it here.

ID: 3704043

29. Universal Monster Crib Set

Universal Pictures / Via etsy.com

Traumatize your kid at birth. Get it here.

ID: 3704032

30. This Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island messenger bag.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via etsy.com

I don’t care whatcha say, this movie was scary. Real zombies and crazy, hormonal cat ladies? NO THANK YOU. Order it here.

ID: 3703796

31. And finally, this Goosebumps dress.

R. L. Stine / Via etsy.com

You’ll be the envy of every party. Purchase it here.

ID: 3704060

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