5 Of The Cutest Christening Gifts Ever!

Stuck for christening gifts? We’ve compiled what we think are five of the cutest from across the web. Everybody say ‘aaaww,’ now!

1. Jellycat Bashful Bunny

Jellycat Bashful Bunny - low priced but high on the ‘awww’ factor! I want one!

ID: 138594

2. White Rabbit Nightlight

Sooo cute! Adorable bunny children’s night lights. So sweet and really beautifully designed.

ID: 138600

3. Silver Plated Train Moneybox

Adorable keepsake!

ID: 138617

4. Rabbit Booties Gift Set

Cute little bunny booties set - super cute!

ID: 138618

5. Christening Bracelet

I’m 26 and I still have the christening bracelet that was given to me as a baby. These really are sweet little keepsakes.

ID: 138622

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