15 Things Only Musicians Can Understand

Hopefully, I won’t join the 27 Club for writing this!

1. The death of your soul when someone calls your viola a violin (or mistakens an instrument for another)

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2. The terms “retard” and “diphthong” are no laughing matter

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3. Getting all of the motivation in the world for music when you’re at work or school, but blowing it off when you’re at home

I think we’re done here!

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4. The constant struggle between sounding original or like your favorite band

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5. Naming your songs or band is next to impossible

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6. The awful feeling you get when you play a note on a rest

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7. The awkward moment when people start applauding before you’re done with the song

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8. You’ve learned some Latin, Italian, French, and German without ever taking a course in them

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9. You are the stigmatized and underappreciated drummer but you graciously deal with this with a quiet smile because you realize that the band would not be worth anything without you.

Stay chill, drummers.

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10. The rage you feel when someone calls a piece a song and vice versa

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11. Pissing off the sound guy won’t end well for you

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12. Mainstream radio music nowadays is torturous

Nuff said!

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13. You don’t remember what it’s like to not have back pain

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14. You don’t get much of a tan unless you play outdoors a lot or youre dark-skinned

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15. About the indie, alternative, and EDM music you love so much: You are righteously mad when every major corporation is using it in their (mainstream) commercials

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