The Best Kiss Cam Moments

Never go to a sporting event alone.

1. The “Presidential” Kiss

ID: 1115938

2. The “Fearless” Kiss

ID: 1115935

3. The “Bro” Kiss

ID: 1115939

4. The “You’re Sleeping On The Couch Tonight” Kiss

ID: 1115940

5. The “I Thought She Was Drowning” Kiss

ID: 1115942

6. The “I’m Jack Nicholson, So Get The Hell Away From Me” Kiss

ID: 1115944

7. The “Forever Alone” Kiss

ID: 1115956

8. The “Zig-a-Zig Ah” Kiss

ID: 1115961

9. The “Mouth-to-Mouth” Kiss

ID: 1115955

10. The “Celebrity” Kiss

ID: 1115963

11. The “Manti Te’o” Kiss

ID: 1115965

12. The “True Love” Kiss

ID: 1115934

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