21 Subtly Infuriating Things That Will Destroy Your Faith In Humanity


1. When people use the “10 items or less” line but clearly have more than 10 items.

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2. When someone eats the food you were saving for yourself in the fridge.

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3. When slow walkers take up the whole sidewalk.

20th Century Fox / Via theownerofthewhitesedan.tumblr.com
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4. Even worse: when people cut in line.

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5. And when they pronounce “Espresso” like “Expresso.”

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6. Same with “especially” and “expecially.”

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7. When their messages are littered with grammatical errors.

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8. Speaking of littering… when they litter.

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9. Or when they chew with their mouth open.

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10. When someone calls you on the phone instead of texting.

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11. If someone doesn’t hold the door open for you, EVEN THOUGH YOU’RE RIGHT BEHIND THEM.

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12. When people don’t use their turn signal.

Nickelodeon / Via goodreads.com
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13. When people take up an unnecessary amount of space on public transportation.

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14. Same with parking spots.

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15. When people don’t hold the elevator doors for you.

HBO / Via hollywood.com
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16. When people don’t have their credit cards ready when it’s their turn to buy something.

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17. When people have their music so loud that you can hear it over your own.

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18. When people talk or text in the movie theater.

Warner Bros. / Via thecircleofsquares.com
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19. When they don’t cover their mouths while sneezing or coughing.

ID: 3225414

20. When strangers try to tell you their whole life story on airplanes when you clearly don’t want to converse.

Universal Pictures / Via thatscoop.com
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21. And worst of all, when you go to someone’s house and the toilet paper is flipped UNDER, not over.

ID: 3225283

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