23 Signs You’re Donna From “Parks And Recreation”

You Retta believe it.

1. You know how to keep things classy.

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2. Your clothes say a lot about your personality.

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3. You make the best of every situation.

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4. Your social media game is on point.

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5. And you have zero tolerance for haters.

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6. Dating is a dirty word to you.

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7. You don’t wait on people, people wait on you.

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8. You’re picky when it comes to food and drinks.

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9. …But not when it comes to alcohol.



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10. …Or breakfast cereal, apparently.

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11. No job is beneath you.

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12. When you’re right, you’re right (even when you’re wrong).

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13. You have a sophisticated taste in literature.

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14. …As well as in modern literary heroes.

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15. You’re overprotective of your fandoms.

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16. And might be a little too materialistic.



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17. You like your alone time.

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18. You tout your friends’ achievements.

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19. …As well as your own.

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20. If you want something, you reach out and grab it.



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21. And you’re proud of who you are.

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22. Even though you’re probably too open about it.

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23. But above all, you know you deserve the best in life.

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