Kim Kardashian Instagrams Thailand Photo Lifted From Google Images

Oh, Kimmy.

1. Kim Kardashian recently went to Thailand and Instagrammed a picture that said, “thanks for the memories.”

In just four days, it received over 500,000 likes.

ID: 2735278

2. But wait. What happens if you search “Thailand” in Google Images?

ID: 2735289

3. Actually, the 15th picture that appears in Google Images for “Thailand” is the one that Kim uploaded.

ID: 2735290

4. The picture links to this “Thailand Beach” free wallpaper site.

The original photo was uploaded by Kasuwell over a year ago.

ID: 2735305

5. It can also be found on several other free wallpaper sites.

Like this one.

ID: 2735441

6. Nice try, Kimmy.

ID: 2735375

H/t this Tumblr post.

ID: 2735276

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