Going To The Gym, As Told By Cats

Catwalk your way to a purrfect body.

1. So your friend convinces you to go to the gym.

ID: 1361675

2. But you’re hesitant.

ID: 1361479

3. ‘Cause the thought of working out makes you want to kill someone.

ID: 1361380

4. And healthy things scare you.

ID: 1368274

5. While carbs are your friend.

ID: 1369134

6. But you go to the gym anyway.

ID: 1369439

7. You walk in, and it’s so crowded.

ID: 1370021

8. So you ease into it with some stretching.

ID: 1368881

9. And maybe a little spotting.

ID: 1370968

10. But then your favorite song comes on, so now you’re motivated.

ID: 1369053

11. So you kick things up a notch.

ID: 1371086

12. You know you look really good, and all eyes are on you.

ID: 1370771

13. And not even the body builders can intimidate you.

ID: 1370426

14. So you go even one step further.

ID: 1371129

15. And then your arms feel like Jell-O.

ID: 1371241

16. So you cool down on the treadmill.

ID: 1369865

17. But five minutes on the treadmill really feels like five hours, and you know death is upon you.

ID: 1370486

18. So you hit the showers.

ID: 1370754

19. And plan your escape.

ID: 1370259

20. Then you crash when you get home.

ID: 1370564

21. And all you want is a massage.

ID: 1372478

22. ‘Cause you’re so sore that you can barely move.

ID: 1371230

23. But at the end of the day you realize it was all worth it.

ID: 1361342

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