“Bubble Soccer” Brilliantly Combines Soccer And Bubble Wrap

It’s sumo wrestling mixed with soccer.

1. This is bubble soccer.

“Boblefotball” first appeared on Golden Goal, a Norwegian TV show, in 2011.

2. The sport might look familiar because Jimmy Fallon tried bringing it to the states.

3. And he was a total boss at it.

4. To play, teams of 10 wear typical soccer uniforms.


The bubbles are called Bumperz, and they’re designed for any type of weather or outdoor arena.

6. Each suit is surprisingly safe.

They have built-in harnesses and handles.

7. This allows for hard tackling.

Referees and coaches actually encourage this behavior.

8. REALLY hard tackling.

Bubble soccer is a full-contact sport, and there are no tackling fouls.

9. Which adds a sumo wrestling flair to the game.

10. The rules are simple: score.

Scoring is harder than it looks — most games end with only a few total goals.

11. So just try not to fall.

12. Cause once you do, you might be down for a while.

13. So it’s just like regular soccer.

14. Except you’ll never get hit in the face.

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